Saturday, December 27, 2008

New Frame, The Pain Wagon, from Rock Lobster

So I decided that cycling just doesn't hurt quite enough, actually cyclocross. So I had Paul over at Rock Lobster in Santa Cruz build me a Single Speed Cyclocross frame. I do hate it when I drop my chain or just having to deal with silly gears, plus I am a runner, who needs gears in a hour long race anyway.

Speaking of chains, this bike won’t have one, it will be running the Gates Carbon Belt Drive system.I rode a spot carbon belt drive bike at the outdoor demo at Interbike and really liked it, so Paul had the great idea to modify Paul (different Paul) Components dropouts (pictured above) so the belt drive systems could be utilized.

To keep the bike clean the back brake cable is routed threw the top tube and out the seat stay, kinda slick.

To further clean up the frame I did request the integrated seat mast that seams to be all the rage lately.

Not much to say about this image I just like it. So it off to Spectrum Powder Works for a sick paint job, any guesses on the color?


Anonymous said...

I'm guessing it's gonna be pink.

meh-wee-uhn said...

Hmm, well whatever color it is I'm sure it would look really fabulous up in PDX next year.

Michael Wiesman said...

Hey Carson, looks pretty sweet, but I can't see the last two pictures? any help?

Carson Blume said...

@Michael Wiesman, weird, no issues from anyone else, might just be blogger