Tuesday, August 12, 2008

I have arrived! Tour of Utah here I come! & Canon v Nikon

So after a hectic day yesterday of; taking my car to get the oil changed and finding out I had a broken axel ( I thought it was a CV joint), having to scramble to get a flight to Salt Lake City, trying to pick up my camera body from repair, it not being ready, my brand new flash pooping out on me and having to send that in for repair and TRADING IN ALL MY CANON GEAR FOR NIKON GEAR, I am the hopefully new owner of a D3! Basically I just got sick and tired of my Canon stuff alway needing repair, I am not saying yet that Nikon will be better buy its worth a try. I am a huge fan of the file quality of the D3. and there are a lot of things that I will review later on, but for now I am just going to take everything as it comes, there are some things I am loosing as well. Check back for race reports and Images!


gmr2048 said...


Dude, I am *so* close to making this switch too. The ISO sensitivity on the newest Nikon bodies is just silly. Even if Canon starts catching up today, they're still years behind.

Carson Blume said...

I am in love it the Nikon D3 and the new D90 looks cool too, check out Chase Jarvis blog for some cool stuff on it. I just shot a night time soccer game at 3200 and it looks like 200 on my Canon! Plus look at the Olympics this year, the outdoor stuff is like 50/50 canon/nikon and the indoor stuff is mostly nikon!