Monday, August 25, 2008

SSWC - 2008 Single Speed World Championships, Napa, CA

Could it really be this simple? YES!

I had to get one!

Throwback! Hometown, I tried to by it off her, but no deal.

Carl Decker



and ouch!


To Fun!

My buddy Steve Tam, Represent Redding!

Curtis Ingles
put on one hell of an event!

Sunday, August 17, 2008

Tour of Utah, Stage 5, Time Trial

Hometown boy (Santa Barbara) Cody Oriley riding for Successful Living leaving it out on the TT course!

There definitely was some agony out there on the Henry Miller MotorSports Raceway.

Jeff Louder wins the Tour of Utah!

On his BMC Time Machine.

As did the whole BMC Team win the Tour of Utah!

Saturday, August 16, 2008

Tour of Utah, Stage 4

Todays stage was epic, the first climb reminds me of an alpine stage in Europe! We climbed right by Sundance, past Mount Timpanogos (pictured bellow) and threw Wasatch Mountain State Park. Rock Racing's Michael Creed, went over the top solo.

There were fans on the climb.

Michael Creed was caught bye the group :(

Garmin Chipotle's Blake Caldwell remains in yellow

BMC's Jeff Louder wins the day!

Friday, August 15, 2008

Tour of Utah, Stage 3

Hey kid there is a race going on!


I am tired, we are staying at snowbird at 8500' and it wears on you, so you just get pretty pictures tonight, and....

Our local boy Cody O'riley, helped out his Successful Living teammate Ricardo Escuela to the victory, Cody got 10th!

Thursday, August 14, 2008

Tour of Utah, Stage 2

I heard that Scott Nydam went down around mile 44 and broke is collar bone. I wish him well.

There was a lot of climbing, and descending today. At one point there there was 4 miles of 10%, in total ther was 10,585' of climbing in 85 miles, and Saturday is harder!

Teach them young!

Blake Caldwell of Garmin/Chipotle and Darren Lill of BMC Soloed to the finish and....

Blake Caldwell takes the stage and GC by 4 seconds.

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Tour of Utah, Stage 1

Today at the Tour of Utah there way farms, lots of farms, there was a lot of climbing but it was spread out over a long stage and there was not a lot of major climbs.

Races do not happing with out the moto guys!

Not so little red tractor on the farm.

After 100ish mile break away.....

Jason Donald of Garmin/Chipotle won!

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

I have arrived! Tour of Utah here I come! & Canon v Nikon

So after a hectic day yesterday of; taking my car to get the oil changed and finding out I had a broken axel ( I thought it was a CV joint), having to scramble to get a flight to Salt Lake City, trying to pick up my camera body from repair, it not being ready, my brand new flash pooping out on me and having to send that in for repair and TRADING IN ALL MY CANON GEAR FOR NIKON GEAR, I am the hopefully new owner of a D3! Basically I just got sick and tired of my Canon stuff alway needing repair, I am not saying yet that Nikon will be better buy its worth a try. I am a huge fan of the file quality of the D3. and there are a lot of things that I will review later on, but for now I am just going to take everything as it comes, there are some things I am loosing as well. Check back for race reports and Images!