Monday, July 14, 2008

Sunday, July 13, 2008

Cascade Cycling Classic, Stage 6

So luckily my Moto Driver (Dave) is a high school photography teacher and had a camera for me to use today. It figures that the first time I do not bring a spare body my body breaks! So I owe him one! Check out his site good work there.

Our boy Chris Jones putting the hurt down for his boys!

Aaron Olson put some hurt down as well, but for some reason I did not get many images of him, but pick up ROAD to see some good shots of him in the next issue.

Todays course was fun!

Davina Summers was a wonderful 14th on the day!

And guess who won!

Just another day with the family!



Saturday, July 12, 2008

My view

I took this on the way back from the finish today with my iPhone. Thats my gaffers tape on the back of his helmet!

Cascade Cycling Classic, Stage 5

Today we climbed, to near the treeline on Mount Bachelor!

And passed some really cool looking places.

With some pretty cool fans!

But the coolest thing ever was Chris Horner carrying an injured comrade after a crash and a broken bike to the finish on his own bike!

I know what you are thinking, what the hell is with that image of Horner? Well today after 3 years of faithful service my shutter blew up.

Moises Aldape of Team Type 1 took the stage and Levi holds on to yellow.

Davina Summers, finished up the day in good standing and in the last 1k caught the group in front of her and passed all but one of them (her teammate, good form) before the line. She is ready to rock tomorrows stage!



Friday, July 11, 2008

Cascade Cycling Classic, Stage 3, TT+Crit

So this is going to be shot and sweet since it was a crazy long day.

Levi laid down a crazy fast 14 mile time trial to putting him in the lead, he bested Jeff Louders time by 1:15.

When I arrived at the Crit a masters rider from VOS was down with a most likely broken femur.

Davina Summers, stayed out of trouble in the crit and finished with the pack, even better she was 15th in the TT.

Toyota United really controled the Mens Pro Crit and...

Dominique Rollin Won!



Thursday, July 10, 2008

Cascade Cycling Classic, Stage 2 Report

So I do not have a bunch to report today as I was out of the radio loop on the Moto today, but Matt Wilson of Team Type 1 (the same team as Chris Jones) dedicated his win to Ben Brooks his team mate that went down really hard yesterday. Today was much cooler and around a 10K hill top finish.

Some of the Metro Mint Girls

My Ride! Its Orange!

The Broom, help keeping cyclist upright!

Davina Summers being playful as usual, I personally do think she is riding hard enough, I mean this is in the last 10k, but really she put in a hell of a stage today.

Humm, a sprinter that can climb well, yes, its dangerous.

I just have to give a shout out to Toyota for thinking of the environment, and its nice be breath air not exhaust while racing, or taking pictures!

Matt Wilson of Team Type 1

Just a little windy

O yeah Oregon Rocks!



Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Cascade Cycling Classic, Stage 1 Report

I am going to try my hand at loosely reporting the race so bear with me!

So today's stage started out very aggressive with Slipstreams Cozza and a Successful living rider attacking right out of the gate, they held off the group for quite some time.
Once they got caught it was just attack after attack by what seamed to be everyone. Then a solid 12 man break formedwith our very own Chris Jones (Redding peeps), Chris did his fare share of work and managed to get second at the KOM and 4th on the day!
After the KOM on the decent there was a nasty crash on involving a cattle guard and Ben Brooks, he was hurt pretty badly, his fork was broke and he was not moving, but all reports for the hospital say he is in stable condition. Ben is a Team Type 1 team mate of Chris Jones, and a Australian coincidentally, I gave an Australian a ride to this years CCC.
Davina Summers is a delightful Aussi riding for Metro Mint, that I met threw Lindsay Myers who I met threw our very own David Albrecht, she fancies herself a sprinter but she seams to get over the hills quite nicely as well, check out her blog at,

The winner on the day who accidentally flew into North Bend, about 5 hours away by Taxi was Rock Racing's Santiago Botero of Columbia, and Levi managed to bridge up a 45 second gap in the last 5k from what I could gather solo to take 5th, that's right Chris, you beat Levi!

STAGE 1 PHOTOS HERE (flash, sorry iPhone'ers)