Tuesday, November 13, 2007


Sometimes there are events that you go to that are just so much fun that you can't help help but want to tell everyone you know about it, so I am.

Pure fun and tons of energy is the best and simplest ways to describe the race but there is much more to it than that. Team BEER! would shout out, "BEER!" ever time anyone said anything, people wore the coolest strangest outfits that you could think of, there was no real uptight competitiveness, everyone; racers, spectators, promoters were all laid back and nice. There was even a short cut on the course that you could take, but there was a catch, you had to take a shot of tequila, patron if you had river city bikes anywhere on your person, but if you didn't you got cuervo.

Waffles & Cross!

Barry Wicks!

Wendy Williams

Images are HERE

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