Tuesday, July 3, 2007

Shooting the new Transition Pro from SPECIALIZED

Last month I got to go up to Morgen Hill, CA and Shoot the New Transition Pro from SPECIALIZED. It was quite a plesure of a shoot, a nice cool crisp morning and all the casting was done for me.

Erick Marcheschi from SPECIALIZED got a employ to model and used a local Triathlon to set up the shot. I was a little nervous not knowing the location or seeing the model but it all came together well.

Everyone wants me to pan! But its ok I like it.

Thats Erick Holding the light.

I wish I was out riding on a nice Bay Area day. This bike looks fast just sitting in the rack and even faster on the road.

Shade the Flare!

Give him Props, that pavement was Gravely

I can't kneel, so I sit. Thank you Marry Boone!

Thank you SPECIALIZED and Thank you Erick for making my shoot a pleasure.

You can check out SPECIALIZED's new Transition Pro at http://www.specialized.com

You can check me out at http://www.carsonblume.com

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Stevo said...

Cool pics of you taking photos.