Sunday, June 3, 2007

Carson vs The Land Rover

This Blog is to keep everyone updated on my court case that is finaly happing over the next few weeks.

Ironically this Image was taken 2 weeks before I got hit

WOW, hummm, where to start.

The incident was here in Santa Barbara on July, 13, 2005 at around 1330. I was leaving class at Brooks and I made a right turn from one road ( Alston ) on to another ( Hot Springs) which is downhill. I rode about 150 meters and a Land Rover hit me head on at about 40mph, I was going about 20mph. It happened so fast that the only reaction that I could muster was to sprint finish my bike into SUV. In doing this my right hand and right knee were leading into the SUV so they caught the brunt of the impact. I shattered my right patella, I also broke a bunch of bones in my right hand, wrist and arm. So after impact I was thrust into the air and rotated head over feet three times threw the trees that were above me. The person in the car behind me kids thought I was falling out of the tree I was so high. I landed with my butt against the drivers front tire with my lower back under the bumper, I was lucky I didn't get ran over.

I was rushed off to the hospital and my bike was rushed to Fastrack Dave Lettieri shop here in Santa Barbara. I was able to be fixed with some screws, wire and stitches, my Cannondale R3000 was not so lucky. the top tube and head tube were completely detached from the bike and the wheels were tacoed. My helmet ( A Giro Pneumo saved my brain I am sure, it was cracked everywhere. Ironically enough all the filler pictures in the Bell Helmet catalog ( the partner to Giro ) are my shots and since they share a building I got to thank them. On a side note look out for a new helmet from Specialized next year to help save you head.

The hospital was an "interesting" experience. My health insurance ran out two weeks before I got hit and I had my FedEx envelope with my new insurance paperwork in my Timbuk2 bag that I was going to drop of on my way home. So it seamed like I wasn't assigned an actual doctor and I got the nurse from hell at one point. I could not get a straight answer from anyone about my fingers. Less than 24 hours after impact this crazy nurse took away my pain killers, threw some ice on my knee, gave me some anti inflammatories and said that should do it. It was the most painful 12 hours of my life, lucky the night nurse came in and said she was crazy and gave my back my button. Getting mobile to leave the hospital was no fun, any movement of the muscle on the quad made my knee hurt so bad I couldn't stand it. They made some kind of walker with an arm rest in it cause my right arm was in a cast, but that didn't work very well cause my arm was broke so if you put any weight on it, it hurt a lot.

As far as how I am doing, I couldn't get physical therapy for enough time to make any progress. I tried to get back on the bike but it required heavy amounts of Ibuprofen and Vicodin and I didn't like how I was feeling and wasn't sure if it was doing more harm than good. Same with the gym, walking and even swimming hurts, basically extension of the knee under load hurts, I did do some swimming with just my upper body and I am hoping to do more swimming this summer. Another issue is with my hand, holding the camera for any amount of time make it hurt, the same with riding.

So what happened in court today was nothing. The other sides attorney was not prepared, did not file his motions in time for my lawyers to see them before today, so the Judge let the motions in which I understand is not allowed, but she gave my lawers till Wednesday to respond and then we start to do jury selection. They admitted liability cause if they didn't we could drag in her psychologist and her prior DUI into the case. One of the motions was to get the helmet and the bike omitted from evidence since they admitted liability. So I will let you all know more on Wednesday.